Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blogging, Parenting & Protecting

I’m very excited to start posting some blogs about the great birthday parties we’ve had this fall.  I had the urge to write up all the details of my son’s party, but realized I’m getting ahead of myself.  I want to tell everyone about the party, but I don’t want to tell everyone everything about my son.  I’m the kind of person who has never really had anything to hide, so I’ve never been overly cautious about using my full name on the internet. 

However, now that I have kids involved, I want to protect them.  I use their names on Facebook, but I also have my privacy settings up pretty high.  Only my friends can read my information & status updates or see my pictures.  The blog, however, is open to the world. Therefore, when it comes to the blog, I’m going to do limited facial pictures of them and use pseudonyms.  As for our imaginary names, it seems right to highlight or Scandinavian heritage, since so many of the traditions we have as a family revolve around them.  My husband’s dad is 100% Finnish, whereas much of my family is Norwegian.  Therefore I present to you,

Nora and Finn, enjoying this year's first snow.


  1. Hi there - thanks for writing on this topic, it's a good issue to bring up. I love the pseudonyms!

  2. Thanks Vettey! I've been slacking on new updates, but I'm in the process of writing about Finn's birthday party. Realize I need to be selective about pictures as many of them have his real name on banners, on the cake, etc.

  3. Nice--I have dealt with this issue too by not including pictures of my daughter or using her real name. I call her "the Burrito" instead, using a cute story from her babyhood.