Thursday, March 21, 2013

Save Isla's Eyes

Save Isla's Eyes is a local fundraising effort to help a local 3 year old girl. Isla was born with Congenital Cataracts and developed Aphakic Glaucoma as a result cataract Surgeries. At her tender age, Isla has already endured years of medications, multiple surgeries, procedures and countless tests. In efforts to save her eyesight, Isla and her family travel on a regular basis to specialists located in Syracuse and Philadelphia. Last April, Isla underwent yet another surgery to treat her condition. Sadly, a rare and extremely severe infection traveled rapidly through the shunt that was placed from her surgery. Isla underwent two emergency surgeries in 48 hours to help stop the spread of the infection throughout her body. She has now lost all vision in this eye. Isla is being monitored closely by her Doctors, whose next concern is to keep Isla’s other eye healthy, especially as she has Glaucoma in this eye as well. She is already on the maximum dosage of medication; it is know the only eye that allows her to see.

As Isla's family encounters numerous medical and day to day expenses, their primary concern is the welfare of Isla and their family as a whole. That being said a little help can go a long way to a family in need. Please consider supporting this family through a donation to their fund. You can find donation info below or attend their fundraiser on Saturday, March 30 at the LakeWatch Inn on Eastshore Drive. The Fundraiser goes from 2-7:30 and will have face painting for the children, an Easter Egg Hunt, Local Bands, Chinese raffles, door prizes, and silent auctions and lots of food, beverages and desserts.

Save Isla’s Eyes
c/o Deputy Langlois, TC Deputy Sheriff’s Assoc
PO Box 3820
Ithaca, NY 14850

Please make checks payable to Adam Langlois and note “Save Isla’s Eyes” in the memo field

You can join their Facebook page here: