Monday, May 28, 2012

Midwest Parades vs. Ithaca Parades

Last year after we went to Ithaca Festival parade, my friend and I were comparing notes on Ithaca Festival parades vs. parades in the Midwest. I grew up in a small time in Minnesota and she lived in Madison, Wisconsin for a while. She now lives right on the parade Ithaca Festival Parade Route, which makes for a great way to hang out with friends and score some sweet parking.

Our #1 observation was the shocking lack of clowns in Ithaca. Not a one in the parade last year. Here are others.

Midwest Parade: Lots of floats, usually driven by lawnmowers or nice cars loaned from the dealership.
Ithaca Parade: Mostly people walking, some in costumes, many with dogs.

Midwest Parade: Shriners driving little cars in choreographed movement.
Ithaca Parade: Volvo ballet (Volvos driven in choreographed movement)!

Midwest Parade: Clowns!
Ithaca Parade: A guy covered in plastic grocery bags shouting "Buy everything! Max out your credit cards"

Midwest Parade: "Princesses" from all the neighboring town lookin like Cinderella in there prom gowns
Ithaca Parade: Belly dancers looking a little more like Princess Jasmin

Midwest Parade: Tractors, horses, bands and firetrucks!
Ithaca Parade: Tractors, horses, bands and firetrucks!

Midwest Parade: Leave with tons of candy
Ithaca Parade: Leave with one piece of candy and a beaded necklace.

Take home message: Parades are awesome no matter where you are.
See you all at the parade on Thursday evening!!!