Monday, September 16, 2013

Finn's Monster Truck Birthday Party

Finn’s 4th birthday party is coming up, so it only makes sense to finally post some pictures from his 3rd birthday, right? Last year he wanted a monster truck themed birthday. Good thing we still have some plates left over, because this year, you guessed it, he again wants a monster truck themed birthday party. My boy.

As we had already purchased Mater for his gift before he decided he wanted monster trucks, I decided to make a cake with Mater pulling a monster truck out of the mud. 

We created "roads" all over the family room with painter's tape.
Ramps and garages completed our town.
 All the vehicles were ready for the guests to arrive!
Fine examples of my cheap-o decorations


The Food!!!

The happy guests!!!

The Birthday Boy
(who will be wearing that same shirt again in a week)