Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kindergarten Registration time

I recently received an email from a friend with Ithaca School District Kindergarten registration information.  I've copied it below.  I'm looking into registration for other area school districts and will post them as soon as I have that info.  If you have information on Lansing, Dryden, Newfield, Trumansburg or other area schools, please post it in the comments section. Thanks!

Parents/guardians living in the Ithaca City School District who plan to send their children to kindergarten in September must register them in the schools to which they are assigned:

Belle Sherman (274-2206):  April 25, May 10 and May 11
Beverly J. Martin (274-2209):  April 23, May 3 and May 10
Caroline (539-7155):  April 26, May 15
Cayuga Heights (257-8557): May 31, June 1 and June 4
Enfield (274-2221):  May 11 and May 18 (11 am to 2pm)
Fall Creek (274-2214):  May 8, May 9
Northeast (257-2121):  May 1 and May 3
South Hill (274-2129):  April 17 and April 19

Parents/guardians who have not already been contacted by the school should call their school immediately to set up an APPOINTMENT to register their child for kindergarten.  If you are not sure which school is your home school, call 274-2201.  Parents/guardians should have the following information at the time they register their child for kindergarten:
- Proof of residency (lease, utility bill, bank statement)
-Proof of birth (birth certificate or passport)
-Proof of required immunizations including a copy of the most recent routine physical examination
-Relevant health and development history
-Other important information related to previous pre-kindergarten schooling

Parents/guardians who are open enrolling their kindergartners:  Since open enrollment decisions will not be made until after kindergarten registration (early summer), you must register your child in your home school.  You may call 274-2201 to learn which elementary school your child is assigned by residence.  If your child currently attends pre-K in the ICSD, he/she is already registered and you do not have to make an appointment


  1. Do you know the daily start and end times for Kindergarten classes? I can't seem to find that information anywhere on the ICSD site. Thanks!

  2. I don't know the times of the different schools. I think each elementary school is different, but I am not sure. Caroline goes from 8-2, I believe, but don't quote me on it. I've found it's easier to call the schools than to find anything online. I do know that Lansing public schools start later, around 9 or so.