Friday, January 18, 2013

The Reality at Caroline Elementary

My daughter (whom I call Nora on this blog) loves kindergarten. She loves her main teacher, she loves her classroom aides, she loves her "specials" teachers (music, P.E. art), she loves riding the bus. She loves her school and feels special and at home there. She feels safe and happy. And my husband and I lover her school as much as she does. Her little brother can't wait to go there. Oh, did I mention that she goes to Caroline Elementary school?

Caroline Elementary school was recently given a designation of a "persistently dangerous school" by the state due to the high number of "violent" incidents reported in 2010-2012. However, this designation of a "persistently dangerous school" does not reflect the reality of Caroline Elementary. Caroline is a great school with wonderful caring teachers and a bright and beautiful student body. Yes, there have been some real and concerning incidents, but this is the case at any school. The reality is that a complicated and flawed formula at the State level in combination with reporting issues at the school and district level that has lead up to this designation. Last night's meeting overviewing these reported incidents was very informative. The Ithaca Journal has posted a thorough article covering the meeting. Please read the first article below (and if you have time, the second 2 as well!) before rushing to judgement. Tim McDonald, the principal is happy to answer questions, give tours and allow potential parents to sit in on classes.


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