Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Funky Fresh for sale!

Do you fantasize about painting side tables everyday? Is your home/garage/barn/living room over run by Funky Finds you are making Funky Fresh? Do you LOVE natural chalk and clay paint? Do you desire to be a small business owner? Here's the opportunity of a lifetime!

The lovely and talented Kristina Thelen, has announced that they are selling their family run boutique business Funky Fresh: Upcycled Home. Kristina says,
"We've built a large following in the Ithaca area selling upcycled and recycled furniture, art, gifts and home items. This business is all about bringing new life to old things, growing locally and building community around skill sharing, teaching, and inspiring people to DO, MAKE and BEAUTIFY! 

David and I are a husband and wife team and are ready to move on to our next projects in life because of another opportunity that we can't pass up. The business has been built on sweat and love and has grown to be financially secure, with some fresh energy, ideas and marketing it is poised grow to the next level and create more passive income. We have over 2,600 facebook fans, a significant mailing list of dedicated customers, and over $100,000 in annual sales. 
Sale includes over $12,000 in current inventory, plus the name, following, buyer contracts, relationships, tools (wood working, painting and upholstery workshop), equipment and setup that have taken us years of hard work to build. We will train the buyer for 20 hours per week for one month, including all aspects of our work: buying, pricing, repair, upcycling, records, taxes, POS, contractors, etc. and be available for a second month for any questions, advice etc. 

Our building owner is also willing to sell which would be a great investment if you fancy being a waterfront developer sometime in the future, or you can negotiate a great, flexible deal on a lease (we're paying less per square foot than anyone in town). 
If you're interested in re-use, green living, or even just vintage and antique stuff then this is a great chance to avoid the many headaches of starting from scratch. We have invented the wheel and so now all Funky Fresh needs is someone to run with it. Whether you're a young person opting out of the corporate job market, or an empty nester looking for a fun and interesting project to take on, this could be a great fit for anyone seeking an independent and productive lifestyle, for a smaller investment than the price of most new cars! 
This is a great business and we want to see it continue and flourish. Let us know you are interested and we can work out a plan to make a smooth transition and ensure your success including seller financing for up to half of the sale price. Please, only serious buyers now folks!! We are still operating our storefront as usual so we ask to be respectful of our current customers need for our attention and service during business hours. Please email us to set up an appointment before or after hours to view the space, inventory, and discuss details. If a potential buyer is not found by Wednesday, April 23rd, we will begin liquidating our inventory, fixtures, and supplies. So please get in touch ASAP with a serious offer, don't miss out on this unique opportunity!"

For more information, contact Kristina or David at Funky Fresh,317 Taughannock Boulevard, Ithaca
Call: 607.216.8146
Email: info@funkyfreshithaca.com

What will happen to Kristina and David? Fear not! Kristina will be opening a new store downtown, but more on that later.

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