Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Making Snow

It’s the 11th of January and it’s nearly 50 degrees out, and we’ve barely had an inch of snow all winter. What’s a mom with snowman starved children to do?

It’s time to make snow! Using a recipe I saw on Pinterest, I whipped up a small batch of “cloud dough.” For those familiar with Moon Dough & Moon Sand, this is like the homemade version. It’s soft like flour, but sticks together, so it’s perfect for packing into balls or pressing into a mold to make a “sandcastle.”

The kids sat out in the sunshine and played with their “snow” for nearly half an hour. Nora liked packing it into our little bowls and making “cake,” while Finn preferred to smash the little castles we made.

8 cups flour
1 cup baby oil

 (I made a half recipe. Also, I needed to add a bit more oil)

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  1. Luckily snow has arrived in Ithaca, but this is still great for this really cold January days.