Friday, January 6, 2012

It’s A Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party! (part 1)

I’m no professional baker, but I really enjoy making special cakes, especially custom birthday cakes for my kids.  I’ve made a cat, a monkey face, a hot air balloon, and a “tree with yellow leaves.”  Yes, she wanted a tree.  So when I asked Nora what she wanted for her birthday cake, and she told me “A unicorn jumping over a rainbow!” I could have jumped over a rainbow myself!

After several weeks of double checking that this was indeed what she wanted, the Rainbow Unicorn themed birthday party was a go! 

White cake + gel food coloring + bunt pan = RAINBOW MAGIC!
Strategic cutting - Don’t cut the cake down the middle, but more like 2/3 down. 

Frosting - I piped the color on then smeared it down.
Added chunks of white frosting for the clouds and done!

Since I didn’t think I had the ability to make a fondant unicorn, I found the jumping unicorn online by Schleich and propped it behind the cake using some little stacking cups as a stand and hot glue.

Rainbow shaped twist balloons,

Rainbow colored silverware, cups, tablecloth, food etc.

Large inflatable rainbow (from our baby pool) for the gift area

And rainbow gift bags with rainbow & unicorn goodies inside that I didn't get a picture of.

Unicorn tattoos and rainbow face paint & drop the cloud through the rainbow games (no pics).

Limbo under the rainbow stick

Rainbow Pinata (tutorial here in "It's a Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party part 2)

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