Sunday, January 5, 2014

At the Car Wash!

 For the last 2 years, Finn has spent 80% of his free time playing with cars and trucks. His favorite thing in the whole world being  Monster Trucks (see Monster Truck Birthday Party). When we found ourselves home one day, I decided it was time to have some fun. We had recently been through an automatic car wash where I'd had the idea to make something like this for his trucks. So we scrounged around the house for car wash items and this is what we came up with.

We found a foam box we weren't using anymore (I think it was a cd holder at one time). This would serve as the main drive through part of the car wash. I cut holes in the frame big enough for monster trucks to drive though (and therefore Hotwheels cars would fit as well).

I planned where ribbons and felt pieces would hang down and attached them with wooden skewers.
I found that hair rollers made the perfect car wash accessory, so to keep them rolling, I put a plastic peg through the floor for it to sit on. I had to cut into the side a bit for the rollers to be wide enough and still work. 

We had a front to a toy hospital that was rarely played with. This served as our entrance.


I hot glued everything in place and let Finn play with it. BUT the car wash wasn't done....

I poked holes in some flexible tubing we had and threaded it through the top of the car wash and into a squeeze bottle (Wilton brand). I blocked off the open end with hot glue and some red duct tape.

SQUEEZE! It's time for these trucks to get wet!!
 Between Finn and his friends, this car wash has had hours and hours of play and is still in great shape! Finn's favorite is to put them in the sandbox first and then run them through the car wash.


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