Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cry Baby Cinema!

Okay, you guys, I am SOOO jealous right now. Ithaca is finally getting something I wished we had when my little ones were babies! Starting January 23rd, Cinemapolis is providing a service they call "Cry Baby Cinema" every Thursday! Here's the deal:

• Special Weekly Matinees for Grown Ups w/ Babies
• Each Thursday, Doors Open at 11 am
• Babes-in-Arms, Strollers, and Carriers Welcome
• All Five Regular Movies Screen with Lower Volume and Dimmed House Lights

**Parents should remember that these are NOT "family" films. They are screening their regular slate of films for grown-ups and welcoming babes-in-arms, strollers, and carriers.

If parents are bringing children old enough to take a seat in the theater and watch the film, they should do so only after reading up on the content of the films and ensuring it meets their own personal criteria for what is appropriate for their child.

Admission for Children attending to view the film will be our usual child rate of $6.50. Babes-in-arms, infants in strollers, and carriers will be let in for free. Adult tickets will be the usual matinee rate of $8.

I asked Brett Bossard, the executive director of Cinemapolis to tell me more about how this parent-friendly option came to happen.  
"Cry Baby Cinema was the brainchild of board member Allison Andersen and her fellow education committee member, Karen Rodriguez. Karen had attended similar screenings at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge, MA. The committee discussed it at length, finding the right time, the right day and the right way to present the concept, and what you see is what they arrived at!"
The movies will be screened with dimmed house lights and slightly lower volume to allow parents to more easily care for their little ones in tow. For more information on Cinemapolis and to see what's playing, check out their website at

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