Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Local last minute Christmas gifts that won't clutter your house!

Christmas is coming up quick, but there's still time to buy last minute gifts without adding to the holiday clutter!  Here are some great local options for non-stuff gifts!

Give the gift of a night off from cooking with a certificate for Rose's Home Dish.  Rose's home dish delivers delicious homemade meals to your home or office for less than the price of eating out.  They use seasonal & local products as much as possible too!
Give the gift of fun and fitness with a gift certificate for kid's yoga like at Yoga Mariposa, classes at the YMCA like ZumbAtomic or swimming lesson, or dancing at the Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA).

Give the gift of musical family time by registering for music classes!  Jams classes (Toddler Jams, Preschool Jams & Afterschool Jams) are available in single classes or 3 or 4 week sessions this January-March kids from 9 months or to 1st grade (full disclosure, I lead these classes).  Music Together of Ithaca holds 10 week sessions throughout the year for babies through 7 year olds.

Give gift of physical fun with a gift card to Niki's Party Place bounce houses or a $20 pass to Tot Spot, available for purchase at the Ithaca Youth Bureau.

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  1. Rose's home dish is delish, this is a healthy atlernative to restaurant take out and was a life saver after our kids were just born.